Ensuring that your branded goods are securely destroyed...

There can also be a real danger of counterfeit or fake goods coming into the market which can damage your brand. It takes a lot of hard work and investment to build a good brand. “Passing off” is a real danger in the commercial world where redundant or fake items could fall into the wrong hands.

Protect your brand identity and site security by ensuring that all official branded items, promotional gifts or counterfeit goods are destroyed in a highly secure environment, when they're no longer required. Your company's integrity, reputation and prosperity may depend on the secure destruction of such items.

Our service is used by FACT (Federation Against Copyright Theft) to dispose of seized goods. Read why they trust us to destroy counterfeit items securely. In addition to this, we also provide confidential document shredding and secure paper shredding services.

Redundant Product Destruction

All products have a shelf-life, or occasionally fall below sale standards. In these cases, rather than them ending up in landfill, or ending up on the black market, a trusted shredding provider like Restore Datashred, is able to completely destroy these goods and recycle them.

Our high security product destruction service

  • On-site (mobile) or off-site product shredding
  • Certificate of destruction issued
  • All materials recycled where possible
  • Full audit trail
  • DBS checked and BS7858 recruited personnel

What branded products and goods can be shredded?

  • Uniforms, ID badges and passes
  • Marketing material, headed paper and business cards
  • Faulty products, damaged goods and production run-ons
  • Prototypes and products samples
  • Fake CDs and DVDs
  • Counterfeit products
  • Fake clothing, handbags and accessories
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