Closed Loop Paper Recycling

Restore Datashred's partnership with Steinbeis Papier GmbH offers UK businesses and organisations the opportunity to efficiently recycle their confidential waste paper into ready to use office paper products.

Award winning service for the sustainable production of office paper, from recovered shredded material

Using Datashred's closed loop paper recycling service will save:

  • 83% of the water
  • 70% of the energy
  • 100% of the timber
  • 53% of the CO2

required for producing paper from virgin fibre.

This translates to:

  • enough energy to make 1 litre of coffee for every 2 sheets produced
  • enough energy to power an 11 watt lamp for 36 days for every 250 sheets produced
  • as much CO2 as it takes to drive a mid range car for 60 km for every 1000 sheets produced

Award Winning Service

In 2010 Datashred was announced as The Best Partnership Project at the National Recycling Awards. The partnership of Lime, Howard Smith Paper Group, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP (a major international law firm) and Steinbeis Papier Gmbh (a european paper mill), secured the award for its success in delivering a ‘closed loop’ system for recycling.

Used office paper from Freshfields is collected, shredded and baled by Restore Datashred, before being processed at the Steinbeis mill and returned to provide new ‘Yoyo’ branded office paper for the law firm. Howard Smith Paper Group organises the paper supply and transportation.

A Cost Effective Solution

It's long been considered that a closed loop system would not be able to deliver cost effective recycled paper of a high enough quality to make it a serious alternative to new paper. However, the partnership has succeeded spectacularly and lawyers, staff and print experts within the law firm not only accept that the Yoyo paper performs well, but actively choose it as an option.

Such is the success of the scheme that in 2009, 325 tonnes of paper from Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP were shredded and recycled, 5,514 trees were saved as a direct result of this initiative, on top of which, 729m3 of waste to land fill was avoided. More than half of the paper used by the firm’s 2,500 partners and staff in its London office is now Yoyo brand recycled paper.

The Paper Mill

The Steinbeis mill in Germany is one of Europe's most advanced and ecologicall integrated factories. As such it has the technology to enable an economical as well as ecologically sound solution. The plant, established in 1911, has the capacity for 270,000 tonnes per year. Since 1990 the company has reduced the plant's CO2 emissions by 60%, and now incorporates an on site power plant, and effluent treatment plant.

The Process

  • The customer puts used paper into their PHS Datashred secure consoles within their offices
  • The Datashred team arrives on a pre-arranged schedule and shreds the contents on-site in a mobile shredding truck
  • The shredded paper is weighed and returned to one of our depots for baling
  • We then send their shredded paper to Steinbeis, near Hamburg
  • Steinbeis convert the shredded paper into Closed Loop paper on one impressive site
  • All waste generated from the process is burnt on site to create power for the plant
  • The whole process is fully audited

The fact that the whole process is completed at one site, means that you can literally watch shredded paper entering the site at one end, and exit 500m away as ready packaged, and branded, office paper.

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and Banner

As well as the successful partnership with Freshfields, disposing of their confidential paper waste, Restore Datashred is also working with Banner office supplies to dispose of the confidential waste from HM Revenue and Customs. Current consumption by HMRC of Closed Loop paper is approx 3000 tonnes per annum.


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