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Shredding your confidential documents rather than just disposing of it with other waste can protect your business against fraud and also protect its reputation.

Under the Data Protection Act, it is a business's legal duty to ensure that you protect an individual's right to privacy and do not pass on any information to an unauthorised body. This applies to all businesses, and covers information held on customers, suppliers and employees.

Examples of some of the details that may be held, and that need to be securely stored and destroyed include:

  • Addresses, bank details and salary
  • Documents regarding holidays, sickness and appraisals
  • Credit history information
  • Correspondence documents

In the event of a security breach, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has the power to fine businesses and organisations up to £500,000. Previously the maximum level of fine was set at £5,000. The level of fine that is applied to an organisation equates to 10% of company turnover.

This fine will be imposed on organisations who lose data relating to individuals' personal details. The increase in the maximum fine is intended to act as an incentive for businesses to improve their data security, and install measures to ensure compliance. Take a look at our shredding services to see how we can protect your business.

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