High security paper shredding service for the public sector

In order to reduce the risk of such security breaches, the safe and secure storage and consequent destruction of confidential data is imperative. This not only includes paper documents, but as in the cases above, also covers CDs, USBs, DVDs, uniforms and ID badges, which, if lost or stolen, could be open to misuse and fraud.

Restore Datashred provides an approved and accredited confidential destruction service to the very highest standards, to ensure the safe disposal of your confidential materials.

Reduce costs not security

f you need to reduce your costs in line with UK Government budget cuts, then contact Restore Datashred to see how we can help. Often, going direct to a shredding supplier can save you money on your document destruction, and choosing an accredited supplier will ensure your information is securely handled, and safely destroyed.

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