Paper records disposal for doctors surgeries, clinics and hospitals

This threat of ID fraud doesn't just apply to NHS patient records however. When it comes to medical records disposal there are many items that contain confidential information, which Data Protection Act compliance requires to be destroyed.

We have a range of lockable containers available for your site, to ensure confidential information is secure before it's collected. Take a look at our Confidential Waste Bins to find which is the best option for your needs.

Our clients are happy to talk about our service and the difference it's made to them. One hospital in Kent appreciated the savings to staff time by having their shredding collected from our lockable bins.

Which medical records should be destroyed?

  • Patient records
  • Employee or staff records
  • CCTV tapes and discs
  • Medical equipment records
  • X-rays and photography
  • Medical assessments and patient notes

Our service

Restore Datashred's secure collection and shredding service ensures compliance with the disposal section of the Data Protection Act for doctor surgeries, dental surgeries, medical centres, hospitals and clinics across the UK.

We will collect your confidential material, shred it, and then provide you with a Certificate of Destruction as proof of secure disposal.

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