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sector specific shredding

Whatever type of business you are in, you will have information that you need to keep confidential. This information could be on your business, your suppliers, your customers or your staff.

Paper shredding services for every type of business

Businesses with less than 100 employees

A less labour intense option than a shredding machine, our secure shredding service saves time and ensures data compliance with the Data Protection Act

Large Corporate Businesses

Our high security document shredding service includes detailed and accurate management reporting to ensure a full audit trail is in place for your corporate business.

Public Sector

Across the Public Sector, managers are looking to reduce costs where possible. Our secure shredding will help reduce your internal costs whilst keeping your data safe

Financial Sector

Unlike other sectors, if a data breach occurs within the financial services industry, the organisation is required to disclose this publicly, informing any individuals or businesses that might have been affected.

Legal Sector

Legal organisations have a significant expectation from their clients to protect their personal information they hold. Our regular shredding service gives peace of mind that your legal documents can't be misused.

Schools & Education

Free up staff time from shredding documents by arranging a regular or one-off collection of your confidential waste. This can be disposed of on-site or collected and taken to your nearest destruction centre for shredding.

Healthcare & Medical

It's critically important that confidential medical records are securely disposed of when no longer needed at the surgery, clinic, medical centre or hospital. Our regular onsite and offsite shredding services help you remain data compliant and provide peace of mind.

Retail Sector

There are many sources of confidential information that need to be securely disposed of by an approved provider, such as:

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enforcement countdown

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