What should you shred?

Knowing what to shred can be difficult, especially with so many regulations in place to ensure

Protecting your data

The Data Protection Act 1998 covers a wide variety of information, including data held on customers, employees and suppliers. All business sectors, and the public sector, collect and store information on these groups of people, no matter what size of business, and therefore all organisations have a responsibility to store and dispose of that information securely.

Failure to dispose of such information in a secure manner could result in a breach of the Data Protection Act, and potentially fines of up to £500,000 by the Information Commissioners Office.

  • Financial information such as Invoices bills and receipts
  • Employee application forms, records & ID Badges
  • CCTV tapes and CDs
  • Uniforms & PPE equipment
  • Branded, Damaged or faulty goods
  • Supplier records and information

Prevent identity fraud

Many companies employ workers who wear uniforms, branded PPE and carry ID cards, which could be used to commit fraud and other criminal offences if they aren't disposed of correctly when no longer required.

Many sectors also produce and sell branded products, which, if lost, stolen or disposed of incorrectly, could fall into the wrong hands and damage the brand name. Restore Datashred can help solve this potential problem with its industrial shredding machines that destroy such products, recycling wherever possible.

Want to ensure full data protection act compliance? choose our document destruction and shredding services.

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