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Secure Bins & Containers

In order to keep your confidential waste materials safe and secure on your site, Restore Datashred can provide you with a range of containers in which to collect such material. These are perfect for storing confidential information in-between our regular shredding services.

Wheelie bin for shredding

Secure Wheelie Bins

A secure unit for the storage of bulk confidential waste

  • 120 litre - holds 2-3 sacks / 50kg
  • 240 litre - holds 4-5 sacks / 75kg
  • 360 litre - holds 6-7 sacks / 130kg
  • 660 litre - holds 200kg
  • 1100 litre - holds 400kg

Lime confidential storage bin

Secure Envirobins

A safe and secure solution to the storage of confidential waste. Also available for other waste streams.

  • 55litre - 550 h x 302 w x 523 d
  • 82 litre - 866 h x 302 w x 541 d
  • 100 litre - 807 h x 448 w x 448 d
  • 140 litre - 1220 h x 550 w x 615

Console table

Secure Cabinet/Console

This cabinet is designed to suit any office environment. It includes a lock and slot as well as a floor to prevent access to the contents.

Materials are held within a sack which is held in place in the cabinet by clips.

  • Width - 550mm
  • Depth - 400mm
  • Height - 855mm

Secure lime confi bin

Secure Lime Confi Bin

Specifically designed for the office environment this bin includes a lock and slot for security. Made from recycled materials, this bin is fire retardant to Class 2.

Height: - 1000mm
Depth: 420mm
Width: 435mm
Volume: 125 litres
Capacity: 40kgs

Baffle Slot Dimensions

Width: 330mm


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