Sacks & Ties

In order to ensure that your confidential waste is stored safely and securely at your premises, we can provide you with a variety of security sacks and ties. These products are ideal for storing confidential paper in-between shredding collections.

Paper Confidential Waste Sacks

Our paper sacks can hold around 15kg of paper waste for shredding. Once the sack is sealed shut, the entire sack and its contents can be put into our shredders, without the sack having to be opened.

Polywoven Confidential Waste Sacks

The polywoven sacks are more heavy duty and can hold more material (up to 25kg) but the bag itself, although reusable, isn't recyclable.

paper security sack

Paper Security Sack

Sealable sack which
can be entirely shredded
with the contents

up to 15kg capacity

polywoven sack

Polywoven Security Sack

Heavy duty sack with
security ties (numbered)

up to 25kg capacity


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