MGM Advantage

MGM Advantage, the retirement income specialist has contracted leading hard drive destruction provider Restore Datashred to handle its confidential waste.

Reliable service and secure document disposal...

"Based in Sussex, MGM opened its doors in 1852 as Marine and General Mutual Life Assurance Society, making it Britain’s longest-registered company with 160 years of mutuality. In 2008, the company rebranded as MGM Advantage - a specialist in retirement income solutions.

"Carl Chapman, MGM’s procurement manager, has found the shredding services from Restore Datashred refreshingly reliable and professional.

“We were experiencing difficulties with our existing supplier, both in terms of service and back office support. When looking for a new provider, PHS Datashred were the most commercially attractive,” said Carl. “In addition to this they were very proactive during the review period, coming to our site to get a full understanding of our specific needs and making suggestions as to how to improve the service.”

“The contract, which covers MGM’s head office in Worthing, as well as their smaller satellite site in London, covers a total of 29 confidential waste bins. These 120-litre wheelie bins are used to collate and store the sensitive material on site, and are emptied two-weekly, with the contents securely destroyed and recycled.

“Carl continued, “We took the recommendation of using PHS Datashred’s onsite shredding service, which meant that our secure data is shredded in one of Datashred’s mobile shredding vehicles, before leaving our site. This approach provides us with an additional level of security over and above the previous procedure, where data shredding occurred off-site”.

“Helen Pattenden, sales manager at PHS Datashred put together the recommended service proposal for MGM.

““MGM had already taken steps to securing their confidential data by implementing a data protection policy, including the provision of secure bins”, she said. “However, they were having difficulties with their existing shredding provider, spending a disproportional amount of time administering the contract. We were able to provide advice and support, as well as a reliable, professional service.”

“Carl was impressed with the way Datashred has handled the account since taking over in September 2011. He said, “We’ve found PHS Datashred to be a thoroughly professional company to deal with, from keeping appointments, delivering bins on time, through to the day to day management and execution of the contract. Our two regular operatives are always on time, and always polite and courteous to all our staff. They are mindful of the environment they are working in, and are respectful of the fact that people are already working when they start their rounds."

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