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KCOM Group

The KCOM Group, a leading provider of communications services in the UK, has employed Restore Datashred to shred and recycle all of its waste paper since introducing their Environmental Management System in 2004.

Recycling of confidential documents for UK Telecomms Company...

Established in 1882, KCOM Group employs over 1,800 people across 60 sites. Restore Datashred provides a comprehensive total waste management service for the Group, including nearly 650 integral waste segregation bins. These bins provide secure storage on site for general waste, mixed recycling and confidential waste paper.

Peter Carline, risk operations support manager at KCOM Group has been impressed with the confidential document shredding service from Restore Datashred. "Restore provides a total waste management service at all our sites across the UK. Since we began working with Restore Datashred, they’ve proved to be consistent and adaptable to our needs.”

Richard Tucker, regional manager for Restore Datashred said, “Because of the nature of KCOM Group’s business, they also generate a significant quantity of waste cabling, which we’ve been able to recycle, and return rebate payments to KCOM Group in return. KCOM Group will soon be starting a battery recycling scheme to further improve their recycling rates and environmental performance.”

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